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Justin Anderson

"Kelvon was great, our wedding music was perfect. He made sure the dance floor was always busy and put our needs first. I would recommend that everyone utilize that's my DJ Entertainment for wedding music service."

Brittany Vine

"Kelvon was very organized and critical of making everything flow together! Thanks for making our day go smooth."

Galen Gaffner

"Kelvon did a fantastic job at our wedding. He was always quick to respond when we had questions, and made sure he was prepared to give us everything we wanted and more. Our guests had a great time and the dance floor was never empty, which was amazing considering the dance went on for ~5 hours! He was truly a joy to work with and we would highly recommend Kelvon to anyone, for any kind of event."

Stephanie Pickett

"My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Kelvon for our wedding. He is not a jukebox, he is an artist!! He was extremely organized and very professional. We had a party of 100+ ppl of all ages and he was able to keep them on the dance floor. 

Ladies and gents, trust me when I say I was a Bridezilla. With so many things to consider, the last thing you need is a dull DJ. You want someone to be able to pick up on your crowd and set the mood; Kelvon did just that. I was more than impressed with his quality of service. I would recommend him to anyone and will be hoping to use his services for other occasions in the future."

Mary Credelle

"Kelvon was prepared, but also did a great job of going with the flow. A lot of the things we had talked about and/or planned didn't happen in the order we discussed (or didn't happen at all) and that didn't throw him off. He led the evening very well and always checked with us (bride and groom) before announcing something or moving on."